Youngtown is not as young as people claim it to be. If there is ever a great community for retirement, Youngtown is it. That said, it is a challenge to get extra funding if you need it. That is why West Valley Pawn will help you out those in this city and most others in the West Valley.

Youngtown’s Story

It all began in 1954. Two developers purchased farmland to create an adult community. This community is built around senior citizens as a retirement community. Ironically, this community was named “Youngtown” by its founder Ben Schleifer. While it is meant to be a retirement community, it opened some of its age restrictions after 1999. Though there is no restriction, it has been received as a retirement community to this day.

How To Reach Us

The quickest way to reach us by heading down to North 111th Avenue. From there, head west onto West Olive Avenue. Once on Olive Avenue, make the turn to North Dysart Road heading South towards Interstate I-10. Go past the I-10 and you’ll see us on the left-hand side. Agua Fria High School is across from us.

West Valley Pawn’s Way to Help

West Valley Pawn (WVP) is here to help! We offer pawn loans to get extra funds on hand. You can use these to also help with renovations at home. WVP has helped Avondale and the surrounding West Valley Cities for over ten years. We’ve also aided those living in the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and more. The trust we have gained by our customers is proof of our ability to get you money when you need it. We also offer title loans, thanks primarily to our partner Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. We also have some great used items for sale as well. You can check our selection of antique jewelry, gold, silver, and diamonds that we offer.