Waddell, Arizona

Image taken in Waddell looking towards Phoenix AzA small town in the northwest part of the Valley, Waddell is an unincorporated community; but does have the basic amenities of most cities.

What is Waddell?

The town is actually an Unincorporated community. That means that there is no governing body, like a city council. Instead, it is a surrounding area that is administered by a neighboring administration; that may be a nearby town, city, province, etc.

How Can West Valley Pawn Help Out Waddell Residents?

West Valley Pawn aids those in need of money by providing pawn loans from items they own. These items act as the collateral based on a loan-to-value we offer to customers. If the customer likes the offer provided, we start the process and get you the money you need in a few minutes.

What Loans Can West Valley Pawn Offer?

Waddell Az is welcome to West Valley Pawn to get fast cash when they sell or pawn valuables, or seek a title loanVery simply put, we offer Pawn Loans on gold, diamonds, electronics, and even title loans (thanks to our partners, Phoenix Title Loans, LLC). We also have a wide assortment of Used Electronics that you can purchase. If you’re in need of a laptop, TV, Stereo (home and car) or even some discounts on the latest gaming consoles, we can make it happen. Why pay full price for a new product when you can get the same or similar product as a much lower cost. We also offer collector items (gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, etc.) for sale as well. West Valley Pawn (WVP) can be your one stop pawn shop!

How do you reach WVP from Waddell?

If you need guidance to reach us from Waddell, here’s a map we displaying from where you are to us. The fastest method to reach us from where you are is to take the AZ-303 heading south to the Interstate-10 East. Then head east to Exit 129 and head south until you see us on the left hand side, across from the Agua Fria High School. If you pass a TJ’s Restaurant, you went too far. Therefore, simply turn around and you’ll see us from the right. We are on the corner of Dysart and Brinker Street, so it’s not too hard to miss.