A Computer Buyer for the West Side of Town: West Valley Pawn

Got a computer you don’t need anymore or you plan on upgrading sometime soon? Look to West Valley Pawn and Gold as a Computer Buyer for your needs!

Need a computer buyer in the West Valley? West Valley Pawn has you covered!

As a Computer Buyer, What are You Looking For?

We usually go after the latest and greatest, but it depends on several factors of the unit in question. Here’s our computer buyer guide for those interested in bringing their unit:

  1. Any personal computer or laptop brought in must be 2 years old or newer.
  2. The computer should have no less than $150 value on the current market.
  3. The unit’s overall condition should be considered “Good” and all functions work properly. The more ‘wear and tear’ that is showcased, the lower the value. So a well-maintained machine makes the process easier.
  4. The accessories that come with the computer. This includes, but is not limited to, keyboard, mouse, monitor (in undamaged condition), any and all cables present to make the computer function.
  5. If this is a laptop, all keys near new or undamaged, along with the screen equally new or undamaged.

Keep in mind, this list is a small guide to go by, but there may be other factors we consider before we offer a payout.

We are more than happy to take these brands in and more as your computer buyer.

Any Brand Preferences?

Not really. Naturally most brands will be welcomed here. So if you have an Apple, HP, or even Dell computer, we buy these brands. In fact, depending on the model and year, the older units MAY BE MORE VALUABLE. However they must also be in near perfect condition. Keep that in mind when you want to have us buy your computer from you.

Why Go to West Valley Pawn and Gold?

One of our finest points is that we have been in business for over a decade, helping out customers along the way. West Valley Pawn has always been an option to get some of the most unique of items as well as a place willing to accept the many items from our history of customers. Having served the city of Avondale and her surrounding cities of Buckeye, Tolleson, and Phoenix, we have been a staple aid for those needing money. So if you are ever in need money, you can come visit us today!

Get the fast cash you need at West Valley Pawn, your computer buyer!

How Do We Protect Your Privacy?

When it comes to computers, the vast majority of us are incredibly worried about the privacy of our documents and personal information when our laptops exchange hands.  This is an important concern to have in such a day and age, and West Valley Pawn and Gold is committed to the protection of your privacy.

At our Avondale pawn shop, we are well equipped to wipe all personal computers clean of their past owners.  This includes a fresh install of Windows and a removal of everything on the hard drive.  This ensures that there’s no data whatsoever left behind on the computer / laptop and that you’re safe and protected.  Our commitment to our customers is what makes us the top computer buyer in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear.