If you want to sell unwanted items for cash, West Valley Pawn can help you!

Everyone has junk laying around in their homes from time to time. In most cases, the items that have collected the most dust are thrown out. Well, cleaning out the closest has never been as profitable until now. West Valley Pawn welcomes you to sell unwanted items in your home to us. We'll offer cash for anything you have of value.


What brought this idea?

In spirit, it's how the pawning process got its start. You find things you think are of value, but not of value to you. You take them over to a place that's willing to buy what you have. You profit from the selling of these items and use that money for other purposes. You can sell unwanted gift cards, for example, and get the money from us when you sell unwanted gift cards for cash. Another example is you can sell unwanted DVDs. Make sure they're not too scratched though. Or perhaps you thought to sell unwanted jewelry that is just gathering rust. We can clean it for you, but there is a charge for such a service.You can sell unwanted electronics, like power tools, or sell unwanted phones that you no longer use. In fact, you can even sell unwanted CARS! However, please chat or call us ahead to make arrangements. Now you don't have to go hunting around to see who'll take your stuff. We have additional options should you decide to sell unwanted cars or simply sell unwanted car titles. Our door's open for you to come in and sell with us.

Even old items are worth SOMETHING to us at West Valley Pawn. Sell those unwanted items today!

I can sell unwanted items of any kind? Any limitations?

Well, the only REAL limitation is that it has to be of value to us. Keep that in mind when you sell unwanted items for a cash payout. Most items are always valuable to someone, so we'll make it valuable to us. When you come inside our store and see what we have for customers to buy, you'll be surprised by what we've taken in! However, we do ask that if you are bringing in items such as TVs, Sound Systems, and Game Consoles that you have their appropriate accessories. Without these necessary items, it will SIGNIFICANTLY drop the value of the item you sell us, if we accept the item at all. Another thing to consider: when you decide to sell unwanted gift card to us, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT PEEL OFF THE PIN AREA. This immediately kills any value that would be on that card. IF that happens, we would end up turning you down. That would make us both sad. This also applies when you sell unwanted gift certificates or even when you sell unwanted tickets too. We have to be able to validate the value of that item, just like anything else.

 The end result from selling unwanted items instead of throwing them away!

Anything else you can tell me?

YES! West Valley Pawn is always eager to help our customers clean house of their old stuff they don't need anymore. In fact, we've been at this practice of pawning and buying items for almost THREE DECADES! And we will continue this commitment to service the cities of Avondale, Tolleson, Goodyear, and all of the Western part of the Valley Cities. So before you think of tossing the unwanted items, SELL THEM TO US. We'll pay you to do it!

Contact Us Today! Turn Trash Into Cash! (Not actual trash, please)