Notary Public Services

A little haven in the West Valley, Litchfield Park has a unique history that is tied to Goodyear and the West Valley. That history is still remembered to this day. And while this is a rather colorful history, one thing is clear. It is West Valley Pawn's commitment to the people of Litchfield Park; We'll keep making our deals great and our pawn loans worth coming back to.

The Importance of a Notary Public Service in Avondale

Depending on the business reason, having a notary public service can help in many ways. First, notorized documents may be required in certain legal instances. Such instances are as sensitive as court documents or documents involving property (be it exchange or ownership). The purpose may vary, but the underlying premise is you would need to find a location that you can reliably go to have these documents notarized in the first place.

"Mobile" Notary vs. Notary Location (aka West Valley Pawn)

First, there may be 'mobile' notaries floating around, but they come and go as time goes by. Also, it may be difficult to have them come to you or they may not become available at all. So rather than wait for a person that can handle notary on the go, why not go to a physical location (easy to spot since we're across from Agua Fria High School) that's easy to spot? Having a physical location also saves precious time instead of frantically searching for a mobile notary. You know where we are located and we also serve all of the West Valley Zip Codes shown in our directory. Finally, if you would feel more comfortable in asking questions ahead of time, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Why The Need to Let us Know of This?

As a business we continue to look for new opportunities to serve the community. This is one such opportunity. Not only can you come to use for a great selection of used items (power tools, electronics, musical instruments, etc.), but we also provide great pawn loans for various items you own as well. Also, thanks to our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC we're able to handle title loans, further expanding our services to West Valley citizens! Notary Public Service in Avondale was inevitable, in that regard.

This is more than just a business opportunity. It also benefits the customer to find a single place that offers a variety of services. This sense of convenience is why we remain the go-to store for the West Valley. For over ten years we have proudly served, and will continue to uphold this tradition to the foreseeable future!