Diamond Loans Lead You to the Cash You Need Quickly!

Get the most cash at West Valley Pawn from diamond loans seven days a week!West Valley Pawn and Gold, Avondale’s premier pawn shop, is happy to be your diamond loan provider as well.  Because when financial emergency strikes, that doesn’t mean you are willing to part with certain valuables.  Diamond loans are one of the best ways to get a large sum of cash you need.  Therefore, our pawn loans give you 90 days to satisfy the loan and have them back in your possession once again.  Moreover, our diamond loans are able to get you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars quickly without selling them.  To clarify, let’s take a look at how you can go about getting a diamond loan.

The 4 C’s of Diamond Loans

Obviously, in order for you to get the cash loan you need, we must appraise your diamonds.  Therefore, the valuation is completed at our location.  Furthermore, our associates are well equipped to provide accurate appraisals.  With our diamond tester, to verify it is genuine, and then utilizing the universal standards of grading a diamond.

The 4 C's of Diamond LoansCut The cut of the diamond is more than the shape of the diamond.  Because it looks at the proportions, symmetry and the polish of the diamond and how brilliantly the facets return and react to light.  No other precious gem returns light like a diamond does.

Color – There is a vast array of hues or color that diamonds can have.  Although, most of us think of diamonds as the clear precious gem, it is not that cut and dry.  Because actual crystal clear diamonds are very rare.  The GIA created the D-to-Z color grading system that we use.

Clarity –  This refers to the flaws found in a diamond.  There are two categories of diamond flaws.  Internal flaws are known as inclusions.  External flaws are called blemishes.  They both can affect the value of your diamond.

Carat A carat is metric measurement of weight defined as 200 milligrams.  In addition, each carat is subdivided into 100 points.  For instance, many jewelers will refer as a .25 carat as a “twenty-five pointer”.

From Assessments to Cash Offers

The appraisal leads to the best cash offers on diamond loans

Whether your diamonds are loose or in a precious metal setting, our assessments are provided by our skilled and experienced associates.

Therefore, if it is diamond jewelry you’ve brought to get a pawn loan, we will assess the gold, silver or platinum separately.  As a result, we will use the standardized test kit we have on site and weigh it as well.  After both assessments are completed, we will add them together to present our cash offer.

Getting Cash on Diamond Loans

Diamond Loans provide fast cash on a 90 day loan - West Valley PawnPawn loans on diamonds are best when it used to temporarily get you the cash you need right now.  Although a pawn loan gives you 90 days to pay, you want to pay it back as soon as possible.  Because the interest accrues on a daily basis, and it adds up quickly.  There is not a payment plan schedule in the contract, only the day the pawn expires.  So consequently, the interest is pro-rated the day you come in to satisfy the loan.  In the end, the sooner you pay, the less out of pocket cost there will be.

Why Should You Come to West Valley Pawn?

West Valley Pawn and its affiliated companies has been in business over 30 years loaning money on all types of diamonds. We invest in diamonds, we believe in diamonds.  Therefore, we loan the most on diamonds because we understand that diamonds have a lot of value. We have the experience, knowledge, and cash to give you the most cash for diamond loans in town!