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If you live within the 85301 area and need a place to find great items without breaking the bank in doing so, West Valley Pawn can help.

Where Is West Valley Pawn And Gold Located?

West Valley Pawn (WVP) is located near the Agua Fria Riverbed and across Agua Fria Highschool. The Store is on the corner of Dysart Road and Brinker Drive.

Going from 85301 to WVP

The fastest way to get to us will be taking the I-10 and heading West. Depending on where you are in the 85301 zip code, you may need to take North 59th Avenue going south to reach the I-10 and take Exit 129 to Dysart Road and heading south toward Agua Fria High School.

What Items Are in Store For Customers At WVP?

As a highly respected Pawn Shop, we have a wide assortment of Pawn Loans we can offer our customers, ranging from Gold Loans, Jewelry Loans, Bullion, Electronics and more. We also have extensive Title Loans thanks to our partners of Phoenix Title Loans.

What Services Do You Offer to Glendale Residents?

The ability to get a fast cash loan when you need it regardless of credit, income, or any other factors that may have restricted you from getting loans from other institutions.  Our most popular service is our pawn loans which are a form of collateral loan.  A collateral loan is a unique product in the sense that there's no real approval process, no restrictions, and the amount of  items you're able to use for this.  Essentially, our pawn shop uses the item to determine how much money you're able to get and throughout the duration of the loan, we'll hang on to the item just in case we need to sell it to recoup our investment.

The beauty in a pawn loan from West Valley Pawn and Gold is that you can use literally anything of value to get cash.  Gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamonds, laptops, cell pones, smart phones, tablets, musical instruments, whatever!  If it is worth anything whatsoever on the global market, then you can bet that we'll get you a loan on it.  We've taken in things from signed boxing gloves to helicopters, so you can bet on the fact that we'll loan to you too.

Buy, sell, and trade!  Aside from our loan services, we also boast an enormous inventory of product s ranging from power tools to DVDs to jewelry to electronics.  We might as well be a Wal-Mart with how wide our selection is.  It makes for a great afternoon shopping trip even if you've got nothing in mind.

Lastly, you can sell whatever items of value you have as well.  Many of us have old electronics or jewelry just sitting around the house collecting dust.  West Valley Pawn and Gold is more than happy to take all that junk out of your hands for cash.  No matter what the item is, if it's got value, then you can almost guarantee the fact that we'll buy it.


That's Impressive!

So what are you waiting for?  If you're looking for the 85301 pawn shop leader, then you've found it.  We pay the highest prices out of any of oru competitors and constantly update them so you know you're getting the best cash deal possible.