Sell Unwanted Cell Phones in Phoenix

Cell phones keep getting better and better, and making our lives better as well. However, as technology improves, you have to quickly move from one phone to the next; which gets costly over time. Save some of your hard earned money when you sell cell phones here at West Valley Pawn!

West Valley Pawn gives money away when you Sell Cell Phone Phoenix residents!

How Does Selling a Cell Phone Work?

Whether you are looking to sell new cell phones, selling a used, like new cell phone, or are looking to take it off your hands, West Valley Pawn has the option for you. We check it out to see its worth, and if we like it, we give you an offer, be it outright sale price or our pawn loan price.

Let’s talk a bit more about our appraisal process as this is obviously going to be the determining factor in how much cash you’ll walk away with.  First and foremost, the most important part is ensuring your device works in all aspects.  We’ll test its charging capability, whether it’s able to connect to wireless networks, its ability to make and receive both calls and texts, and the speakers.  Once we’ve ensured it is in full working condition, we absolutely have to verify you as the owner of the phone.  Typically, this is going to be in the form of a purchase receipt which you can get from your carrier.  This is to prevent fraud wherein an individual reports the phone stolen or lost after the fact meaning we’re unable to resell the phone.  Lastly, we will check the global selling price of the phone based on the quality and carrier.  This ensures that you’re getting the absolute fairest price for the cell phone.  Lastly, we’ll collect a few signatures from you and send you on your way with cold, hard cash in hand.  West Valley Pawn and Gold is the best pawn shop to sell cell phones in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear without doubt.

Sell Cell Phone Phoenix

Phones We Look For

West Valley Pawn has an ever-changing as well as ever-increasing inventory of cell phones available for you to choose from. Though we do not hesitate in our choices of phones, there are certain brands that stand out over others. We can take simple and “old school” flip phones, but the better payouts when you pawn cell phones come from the higher-end smartphones, such as Samsung phones, iPhones, or even a Windows Phone.

What we can’t stress enough to our customers is that any cell phone of value that you have we will buy.  As the top cell phone buyer in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear, if your cell phone has any kind of value — we will buy it.  We attempt to not be picky and, what obviously makes sense, is that any cell phone of value we will purchase.  No matter if it’s an old-school Nokia brick phone, those out of style Motorola RAZR phones, we will buy them!  If you want to sell cell phones today, West Valley Pawn and Gold is the only pawn shop you should consider.  You can go from zero to cold, hard cash in hand.

Sell Cell Phone Phoenix

Sell Your Phone in West Phoenix

Sell cell phones to West Valley Pawn and Gold so you can save time and money. We don’t require any contract, just show up with a phone that you own. Also, not only are you getting some green, you make our planet a little more green as well. Yes, that’s right; when you either sell us an old or like new cell phone, you have helped save a number of usable phones from going into landfills. So don’t toss that old phone in the trash! Give it new life with us at West Valley Pawn and Gold, and get some cash for your trouble.

We Proudly service Phoenix, Avondale, Tolleson, GoodyearLitchfield, Surprise, Glendale, Peoria and the West Valley cities. So visit our West Phoenix Pawn Shop at West Valley Pawn today where you can GET GREEN, SAVE GREEN AND GO GREEN!