Buy Gold to invest in your futureWhile most investment opportunities come with calculated risks, they lack the ability to be a tangible item you can hold in your hand.  Although it is important to build up gradually, working towards a better tomorrow.  One of the most secure ways to begin is to Buy Gold Phoenix residents!  However, it's important to find a reputable place that offers a fair price.  West Valley Pawn & Gold is just that place!  Whether you are expanding your gold collection or just starting, you can buy gold bullion, jewelry or coins for the best price possible, with us!

What Form of Gold Should I Buy?

Honestly, that is really up to you.  It's your money and your investment, so choose in a bullion that you are comfortable with.  Whether you choose to invest in a collection you can enjoy, or stash your cash in ounces of gold in a safe, both accomplish the overall goal.

There are two factors that your gold's value is based on.  First is the karat, (aka the purity) of the gold. The karats represent the parts or percentage of the gold's purity.  The range of the scale increments are a total of 24.  Therefore, 10k equates to 41.7% pure gold, mixed with alloys, whereas 24k is 99.9% pure gold and fineness.  So consequently, for investment purposes, you want to invest in 18k gold or better.

The other major factor is weight.  The thing to remember is, with each purchase you are adding more valued weight to your gold collection

Buy Gold Phoenix that is in its purest bullion form!Options of Gold to Buy/Invest In and Their Karat:  

The Best Place to Buy Gold Phoenix Residents!

We value being your choice when you buy gold Phoenix!Although there are multiple places to buy gold in Phoenix and surrounding areas, we are a gold broker you can rely on!  Above all, West Valley Pawn & Gold holds a high standard of not incurring excessive charges for gold purchases.  Because of this, we stick to the "Spot Premium", when we sell gold bullion.  As a result, you are buying gold as close to spot price as possible.  The additional charge covers the fees as the acting broker of your gold purchase.  

West Valley Pawn & Gold, with its affiliated companies has been in business over 20 years buying and selling all types of gold. We have the knowledge, experience, and choices of gold to invest your money in to make you want to come back and see us.  Therefore, you can be sure you are getting the fairest price in town when you buy gold from our store!

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We buy and loan on anything of value. Our professional staff is determined to give you the most cash for all of your valuables.

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West Valley Pawn and Gold is a leader in lending on gold. No one loans more than we do on goldjewelryestate jewelry & watches. Our cash offers are the highest amount possible - guaranteed.

Our staff provides accurate valuations of your gold and diamond jewelry free of charge.  Therefore, our specialty in buying and loaning on gold jewelry turns the best offers around into cash in your hands within minutes!

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West Valley Pawn & Gold has options to choose from.  We can either offer you an auto title loan through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC where you keep your vehicle to drive it. Or if you prefer, we can store your car, boat, RV, or ATV in our secured lot during the term of the loan.

Utilize your auto's title as collateral for a loan. We give loans on cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, boats, tractors, jet-skis, and anything else you can ride or drive.

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