Pawn Vacuums Avondale

Pawn Vacuums Avondale

What? Pawn Vacuums? Really?

Crazy as it sounds, we’re even willing to take in vacuum cleaners at West Valley Pawn and Gold. We strive to be the number one choice for quick cash options and there’s plenty of vacuums out there, ripe for the taking! So by all means, pawn vacuums with us to get the money you need! But, we do have some standards to meet when accepting vacuums.

What is accepted when you Pawn Vacuums?

We will be as open to many vacuums as we possibly can, but there are some rules that need to be followed:

  1. The Vacuum must be complete with all accessories that come with it. This is the same throughout all items we accept for pawn loans.
  2. The Vacuum MUST be cleaned prior to us accepting it. We know you have used it so there may be some dust here or there. We ask that there is little dirt/dust as possible prior to coming in.
  3. The Vacuum must not have any showing of significant damage. This is ESPECIALLY important in the power cord. Vacuum Cleaners with the cord damaged will not incline us to accept it.
  4. The Vacuum must be functional. There will be a test on site to see if it works, so make sure to empty the bin so we can see what it can do.

These are some of the guidelines we will follow in handling your vacuum for a pawn loan.

Pawn Vacuums Avondale

What brands do you look out for?

There are certain brands that interest us. Some name brands you know, which are Dyson, Kirby, and Hoover. Some brands you may not know, which are Rainbow, Miele, and Filter Queen.

For over ten years, West Valley Pawn and Gold has been a staple for getting money in a pinch with the items you own. Having served the citizens of Avondale, Casa Grande, Buckeye and the Western Valley as a whole, people can reliably know that they get their money’s worth at West Valley Pawn and Gold!