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If you’re looking to sell coins there’s only one place to turn to: West Valley Pawn and Gold.  We’re the leading pawn shop in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear.  Our associates are coin experts with a decade plus of buying and selling coin experience making us the top coin buyers the valley trusts.  While we’re definitely specialists in gold and silver coins, we’re happy to take a look and evaluate any sorts of coins you may have.  The value that coins inherently have are vastly different, however, so let’s look at the differences.


Bullion Value

Bullion value is what most coins will be bought and sold according to.  This value simply comes from the precious metals that the coin is made up of such as gold and silver.  For example, quarters produced before 1964 actually contained pure silver within them.  This means they’re worth more than just their face value at a few dollars a piece.  This is similar for gold coins as well.  The United States Treasury has, over the last few decades, also released limited editions coins that are made of gold.  These coins are stamped usually with a denominational value of $10-$20 when really they can be worth in excess of $1000 a piece.  West Valley Pawn and Gold is knowledgeable about these gold and silver coins and is the top coin buyer you should entrust with your bullion coins.


Numismatic Value

Numismatic value lies in rare or inherently collectible coins by, well, collectors.  While some of these coins may actually have value, not all old or rare coins actually have value.  This is a common mistake made by consumers that if their coin is over fifty years or something of the sort then it’s worth a lot of money.  Well, unfortunately, that’s normally not true.  The United States Treasury is incredibly good at keeping coins in constant circulation meaning that quarters or pennies being years and years old is incredibly common.  Numismatic coins that typically have value are ones that have misprints from the Treasury.  Sometimes, you have coins that might be missing a leaf, or have printed the President’s head twice on the coin that will be extremely valuable.  Ultimately, coins with numismatic value are valuable to collectors and nothing else.


As the top coin buyer in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear, you can always rest assured that you’re getting the amount of cash that you deserve when selling coins.

Here is a breakdown of what we pay:

Silver Coins:
10c Silver coins (dimes) dated pre 1965 - Priced based on silver price.
25c Silver coins (quarters) dated pre 1965 - Priced based on silver price.
50c Silver coins (halves) dated pre 1965 - Priced based on silver price.
$1.00 Silver coins dated pre 1937 - up to $50,000.

Gold Coins:
Krugerrands coins - Priced based on current gold price.
Maples coins - Priced based on current gold price.
Buffalos coins - Priced based on current gold price.
Pesos coins - Priced based on current gold price.

We also take Gold Numismatic Coins such as:
$1.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $5,000.
$2.50 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $5,500.
$3.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $8,000.
$4.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $95,000.
$5.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $6,000.
$10.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $10,000.
$20.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $15,000.

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