Pawn Jewelry Phoenix

At West Valley Pawn and Gold, you can pawn jewelry for fast cash.  From gold to silver to diamond jewelry, our fast cash loans can take you from zero to hundred dollars in mere minutes.  The beauty in pawning jewelry is that the process can take as little as two minutes without having to give up possession of more important items.  IF you’re in Phoenix, Avondale, or Goodyear, we’re the one stop shop for jewelry loans.

Getting A Jewelry Loan

Simply come and visit West Valley Pawn and Gold.  The process begins with one of our pawnbrokers assessing your jewelry.  To do so, they will find the hallmark, discreetly hidden so it does not affect the beauty of a jewelry piece.  This hidden stamp denotes the fineness of the precious metal used to create the piece.  Why do we have to find this?  Because we need to test and verify the gold, silver or platinum's purity. This marking is where we like to start and most times it is confirmed immediately.

The test we perform on gold jewelry is known as an acid test.  There are different acids for different purities allowing us to accurately isolate its exact purity letting us give you the most cash.  We do this by collecting a few flakes from the jewelry (which poses no damage whatsoever to the piece) and we look for a reaction from the acid.  No reaction is good as that means it’s verified at that purity.

Our last step will be to weigh it as all of our prices are per gram.  We multiply it by the weight, and we’ve got a cash value for your gold or silver jewelry.  We’ll make a cash offer, and when you accept, you’ll be done pawning your jewelry.  We collect a few signatures from you and your jewelry gets stored in our safe, secure vault throughout the duration of the loan.

Repaying Your Jewelry Loan

Repayment is quick and simple, and there’s no real conditions to it.  If you want to come and pick up your jewelry the very next day, there’s absolutely no penalty for it.  All you’ll have to pay is the accrued interest up to that point.  If that’s not what you’re looking for, you’re more than welcome to pay come the end of the term.

By law, each of our pawn loans is written out for a period of 90 days.  Come the end of this term, you can pay the principal and interest or if you’re not ready to pay off the loan, you can simply pay off the interest up to that point and we’re more than happy to extend the loan for another period of 90 days.  In Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear, you always have options when pawning your jewelry.  Our goal is to help you reach financial security, not push you further away from it.