Sun City and West Valley Pawn

A few miles northwest of Sun City, lies the sister iteration of Sun City West. This broad region of residencies has been a part of the Sun City community since both cities were founded. West Valley Pawn (WVP) welcomes all residents of Sun City West; visit us and see what we have to offer.

Sun City West’s Significant History

Shortly after Sun City’s founding, the community started to grow. It grew so much, it went beyond the realm of the city boundaries it was first projected. Its construction in the late-1970s by Delbert Eugene Webb attracted many retirees thanks to the Valley’s Warm weather. This made it a boon town between then and now. As such, Sun City West was completed in 1998. Though it was made, it is a census-designated place (CDP), meaning it is a place with a concentrated population. CDPs can have some basic amenities, but is usually governed by a nearby incorporated city’s governance.

West Valley Pawn Helping Sun City West

First and foremost, West Valley Pawn is a pawn shop that works for all residents of the West Valley. If our customers have items they wish to pawn, we can offer a loan-to-value that customers can partake. We also offer pawn loans in gold, diamonds, and have a desire to buy collectibles. We also have used electronics available for purchase. Need a high-resolution TV without burning a hole in your wallet? Thought about upgrading your PC, tablet, or even your phone? We’re the place to get those items and more! This is the standard we have stood by for the past decade.

How to Reach WVP from S.C.West?

Easiest way to reach us from Sun City West is to head straight down North Dysart Road. You’ll noticed us on the left hand side, across from Agua Fria High School. You know you’re going the right direction if you go past the Interstate-10 overpass, but you’ve gone too far if you see a TJ’s Restaurant. You can also take the AZ-303 South to the I-10 East and then taking Exit 129.