A Presidential Day for Great Sales at West Valley Pawn

February 20, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Presidents’ Day is a time to celebrate great leaders in our nation. The founding fathers that helped shape the nation to what it is today. In a sense, the Pawning Industry has its share of leaders. West Valley Pawn is one of them. Here’s why:

Proven Sustainable Business Leadership:

While that may sound fancy, keep in mind it means we’ve been successful in business. This is thanks to well-known leaders in the Pawning Industry throughout the years. Thanks to them, we can get you some of the best items and offer some of the best pawn loans in the Valley.

Pawn Loans even a President can be proud of!

To say our Pawn Loans are worthwhile would be a substantial understatement, to paraphrase a certain individual. We make sure our pawn loans provide the best loan-to-value when customers bring their items to us. It’s in this exchange that allows customers a sense of confidence to work out their finances and become stable with their situation. These pawn loans range from Gold, Silver, Collective Coins, Bullion, Jewelry, Electronics, and more.

Our History as a Pawn Shop

While not compared to the illustrious legacy of our Presidents’ past, we too have our fair share of seeing two Presidents serve in Office. During this time, we’ve also seen shifts in our economy, yet like our Presidents, we are the bedrock that our customers can trust. Having served the West Valley for over a decade is proof of this, and we’ll continue this trend well into another set of Presidents’ Days to come!

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