West Valley Pawn loves to Pawn Computer Systems!

Just need a temporary fix to get back on your feet? Your computer may help you out in this matter. Just bring it in to our pawn shop and we can offer a pawn loan in cash to get you back on your feet.  Because West Valley Pawn is Avondale’s most trusted pawn shop to receive the best offers around!  In addition, we turn those offers into cash within mere minutes,  So, come on in today with your computer system, and lets see what offer is in store for you!

Pawn computer in West Valley? West Valley Pawn has you covered!

Can you pawn computer parts?

Sadly, no. We would need the computer to be fully intact and functioning. After all, you wouldn’t just want to sell parts of a computer. We would end up giving very little for components, so make sure the computer is complete with monitor and keyboard, if both are included, and the mouse accessory if it came with one.

Are there brands you specifically give more for?

We’re not looking for a particular brand or model.  Therefore, if you want cash for a pawn loan on hp computersLenovo, or even Apple MacBooks, we’ll take them all in. However, we will be suspicious if you pawn or sell MULTIPLE computers around the same time. Even we have to watch our backs.

pawn computer

Helpful Hints To Get The Most Cash

There are certain things that you can do ensure that you get the most cash possible.  Therefore, we do include these helpful hints, because we truly want to help you get the most cash possible from a pawn loan. They are the following:

1. Clean up the tower, monitor, and all the items that you are bringing down to West Valley Pawn.

2. Making sure it was complete with all accessories that came with. That means if it came with a monitor, keyboard, power/monitor cords and mouse, we’ll need it all to payout the most cash, or possibly complete the transaction.

3. Having the original purchasing receipt. Though NOT a ‘deal-breaker’, it will help us in authenticating the pawn and also ensuring your ownership of the computer.

4. Bring along any accessories that you bought separately, with their receipts, and in original box it came in as well.  You can bundle it all together under one pawn ticket, if you are needing to ensure you can get the cash you need.

5. Lastly,  if your offer is not matching the amount you need, talk to our pawnbroker.  More times than not, if you are in a real bind, they will increase the offer.  Mind you, it all depends on the value of the computer, and the condition it is brought in.  But, we are here to help, and do what we can when we can!

Pawn Computer vs. Buy Computer

There is a big difference between pawning a computer and having us buy it. When you pawn computers with us, you have ownership of the computer as long as the pawn loan is in effect. That doesn’t mean you can use it entirely even time you need it but it DOES mean we will never sell it while you have a loan out. That is not the case with letting us buy your computer. When we buy computers from you, we have ownership after the transaction is through. Also, any and all data must be erased or will be erased once sold to us.

West Valley Pawn keeps giving customers options to make some money. We have been doing this service for over ten years and counting, serving the cities of Avondale, Buckeye, Tolleson, and the like. So if you need to make some quick cash on the side, stop by West Valley Pawn today!