Police Ticket Fees are little expenses that pawn shops like to throw in as part of the ‘surcharge’ they have to use for operating in their city. Fortunately, we have no such limitations. West Valley Pawn is proud to proclaim itself a pawn shop with no Police Ticket Fees as part of their commitment to our customers.

What is a Police Ticket Fee?

According to Arizona Revised Statutes, a police ticket fee is a small surcharge required by the local government of their city. These fees are attached to each pawn ticket when a loan takes place. For some cities, this is required by the city and state to have added on such transactions. Fortunately, we have no such fee with our business (partly due to the city not having one for us).

What’s the Big Deal if the Fees are so Small?

Police Ticket Fees are one of the few surcharges that pawn shops rarely speak of, yet will add onto your loan when you least expect it. This is more prevalent the longer you have the loan out. In fact, it’s a part of the interest and surcharges some pawn shops charge in order to KEEP your loan going. Naturally, this is small. To provide an example, in Mesa, Arizona the police ticket fee is approx. $3.50 per transaction. That being said, you do two separate pawn loans (per say) and you end up paying an extra $7.00 total.

These two loans (for this example) then get more expensive when you have to cover for interest costs. While the police ticket fees remain exactly the same, you have to pay them along with the interest. Per extension. Let’s say you had extended your loan ten times over. That’s $35.00 lost on top of the interest. That money could be better used for other things, but ends up being lost to fees instead. That’s not fair to the customer to shoulder such burden. That’s why we want to inform all customers that we do not have such a burden in our store. If you want to get pawn loans and not get sidetracked by unsuspecting fees, you know where to turn to!

How Will This Help out?

Every dollar helps. With each dollar you save, that money can go to other issues OR can be used to save up as well. We can also aid you in times of finance with our pawn loans. You can come to us and get cash on hand with a vast assortment of items.  But to give you an idea of what works best, the following (but not limited in) items work best for us to provide a pawn loan:

What Makes WVP the Difference?

We’re the premier pawn shop of the West Valley; to which people from miles around travel to. We want to make sure that every dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny go to you when you have our loans. So come to the pawn shop that offers the best loan-to-value and the best cash payout for loans: West Valley Pawn and Gold!