Cash for Gold Loans from West Valley Pawn

June 2, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Cash for Gold Loans from West Valley Pawn

Gold is a precious metal that simply proves that you own great wealth. Even more so when it’s from customers in the Valley of the Sun. But there are times when you must put that gold to use. We at West Valley Pawn and GOLD have a fondness for all things golden. That is why we are EAGER to give you the most Cash for your Gold, be it from Gold Loans or simply selling gold (or rather us buying gold) from you.

Why the Focus on Cash for Gold?

Again, we can’t be called West Valley Pawn and GOLD if we never take in any gold. Also, this precious metal has been the cornerstone of the pawning industry since the concept of barter (trading of goods for other goods) was created. Gold prices have always been in rising and falling, but overall, this is a very stable market from over thousands of years in trading of this metal. So what does this have to do with West Valley Pawn? The answer is this: you need cash, and we want gold. We give you cash for gold. How much cash we give depends on how pure the gold is. Also, we’re not limiting to just one particular TYPE of gold.

What Types of Gold Do You Offer Cash Loans for?

There are various types of gold out there, so it’s important for us as a pawn shop to be accepting of these types. Some of the qualifiers to get cash for gold loans are the following:

This is just a small list we have in store for those looking for some quick money. If you have any further questions or in need of assistance, please contact us as soon as possible.

Do You Only Offer Cash For Gold Loans?

Good Heavens, no! We also offer the chance to simply buy your gold off your hands as well! Just let us take the gold you give us, and we’ll give you cold hard cash. One thing we must point out; if you just let us BUY your gold, we OWN it once the transaction is complete. If you change your mind and want to get your gold back, you must pay our marked price for it. To avoid this, we recommend getting a pawn loan instead and simply pay the loan back.

Having been in the Pawning Industry for over a decade, we have seen many kinds of gold. This strengthened our love for the precious metal, and a core reason for being a pawn shop today. Now we’re a reliable source to get cash when you need it, regardless of where you live; be it Avondale, Glendale, Phoenix, Casa Grande, or even as far as Mesa!

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