Sell that Cell here at WVP!

October 17, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Cell Phones are the norm for residents the world over. The Valley of the Sun is no exception. The newest phones are out on almost an annual rate. Getting a new phone means older phones are replaced. But we ask you to not throw those cell phones away! Sell cell phones that are old and used to us! We’ll breathe new life into those old machines. That’s why West Valley Pawn & Gold is the best place to sell cell phones.

What are the Cell Phones you take in?

There are many types of phones that we are willing to take. Here is a small sample of the phone brands:

We have seen these brands of phones the most often when people sell cell phones to us. But we are willing to take others provided that they meet basic requirements.

What are those ‘basic requirements’ you speak of to sell cell phones?

Well, for starters, you would need to make sure you phone is complete with the following:

  • Phone
  • Battery (factory version ideally)
  • Applicable accessories (Charger and Cable in most cases)
  • Remove All PERSONAL DATA and return the phone back to factory settings. Do this PRIOR to arriving at the store. We’ve had our fair share of ‘surprises’ over the years, so we’re staying on the side of caution this time around.

Next, of course is the fact that we will need to make sure the unit is in working condition. We can work with usual wear and tear on phones, however completely damaged or phones that cannot function any longer we cannot loan on or buy.

Finally, while we understand that there are a LOT of used phones out there. Because of this, we limit certain brand versions. For instance, we take in Apple iPhones; this much is true. But we will only go as far back as iPhone 5. iPhones 4S and below may be turned away or will be of little loan-to-value and we want to give you the maximum value that we can. Contact our store today to see how far we’re willing to go with your phone.

This does seem like a lot of limitations at first, but once you start seeing the money coming, you’ll know what to do! So don’t be shy about parting ways with your old phone. Wherever you are in the West Valley (Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City and Sun City West to name a few) or the Valley of the Sun in general, West Valley Pawn has the solution for you. Sell your cell phone with us today.

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