Pawn Beats Headphones

Sound quality is simply not something that the majority of the public thinks about when purchasing headphones, or when deciding what to use when listening to music.  With the advent of Beats Headphones, it seems the whole world learned about what they were missing: true quality in their sound.  The high price of these types of headphones reflect the quality, however, but you go in fully aware of what you’re paying for.  While absolutely worth the high price you pay for Beats Headphones, difficult financial times can often strike leaving you feeling like you maybe shouldn’t have bought them.  Nobody in Phoenix, Avondale, or Goodyear should have to live with this feeling – there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself once in a while.  If this is the case, then come pay a visit to West Valley Pawn and Gold where we can pawn your Beats headphones and turn them into fast cash.  Let’s take a look at how quick and easy the process is.


Pawning Beats for Cash

A pawn loan at our Avondale pawn shop literally only takes two items from prospective customers: the headphones themselves (of course!) and an identification card.  With only these two items, you can put a great deal of cash right into your pocket at a time when you need it the most.  The process is fairly painless and just requires you to bring these items down to our pawn shop in person.  Once there, one of our associates will evaluate certain aspects of the headphones such as cosmetic condition, functionality, and lastly the type of product.  The culmination of all these things results in a valuation, and a cash offer for your Beats Headphones loan from us.  While this sounds like a lot, in reality it can take as little as five minutes from when you walk through the front door to when we make the cash offer.  We can assure you that there’s no better place to pawn Beats Headphones than at West Valley Pawn and Gold.

The loan also allows you a great deal of leeway with which to repay the pawn loan.  According to Arizona law, each loan is written out for a period of ninety days during which you’re more than welcome to come and reclaim your item early if you’d like.  Come the end of the term, your option is to either repay the loan in full and we’ll return the Beats Headphones, or you can simply pay the interest and we’ll happily extend the pawn loan for another ninety days no questions asked!  This is just one of the many ways that we show our devotion to our customers.


Get A Loan in Minutes!

If you’re interested in getting a cash loan on your Beats Headphones, then reach out to us today!  We’re open seven days a week, and even offer an online chat feature where one of our associates can help you evaluate your current financial options and find what is going to work best for you and you alone.

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