Get Cash Today With a Diamond Ring Loan at West Valley Pawn

A diamond ring loan can help you get the cash you need quickly, and give you 90 days to repay the loan and retrieve your ring at the same time! West Valley Pawn and GoldBy far one of the most valuable items we ever purchase in our lives is going to be a diamond ring.  Whether it’s for a proposal, or an important family piece of jewelry, the value is immense and comparable only to cars and houses throughout our lives.  When financial hardship hits, you can look at the diamond ring as an investment.  And an investment that you never need to sacrifice to get the cash you need quickly.

West Valley Pawn and Gold is here to tell you how we can help you in Litchfield Park, Goodyear, and Avondale.  Because you can get your cash back out of that diamond ring with a diamond ring loan.  We’ll help you avoid having to sell such a precious item, and still get the temporary cash you need quickly.  Let’s take a look at what separates our Avondale pawn shop from the others offering a diamond ring loan, and just how we can help in times of need.

The Importance of a Proper Valuation for a Diamond Ring Loan

a diamond ring loan is based on the diamonds value and the precious metal it is set in at West Valley PawnWhen it comes to getting a diamond ring loan, the most important piece of the puzzle is the value found of the precious metal, along with the value of the diamond.  Because they both have an amazing amount of value.  And we gauge our offers combining both assessments.  This means that many pawn shops simply err on the side of caution.  Because they assign incredibly low values to what is clearly an expensive diamond ring to protect themselves.

At West Valley Pawn and Gold, you don’t have to worry about any silliness like this.  All of our employees are well equipped  properly value the diamond on the four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat).  On top of this, they’re all professionally trained to also assess the value of whatever precious metal (gold, silver, or platinum) that the diamond is set in making the value even higher.

The only experts worth visiting if you need a cash diamond ring loan is our Avondale pawn shop.  You can always trust that your cash loan will be the highest in town, and will be the fairest.

Repayment is Simple

a diamond ring loan is a short term loan for a total of 90 days at West Valley PawnWe understand that financial difficulties are not always short term affairs and can sometimes take longer than you thought.  A diamond ring loan is written for a period of ninety days.  Providing customers a good deal of time in which to come up with the cash to repay the entire loan.  But you can pay off the loan at any time during the 90 days.  In fact, if you pay it off prior to the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount from the total amount due.

If you need more time, we do have an option to help you.  We can happily extend it for another 90 days no questions asked!   All you need to do, is only pay the interest of loan, and we can rewrite the contract for another 90 days.  At West Valley Pawn and Gold, we’re not in the business of repossessing items.  We’re here to help our customers as much as humanly possible.