Litchfield Park

A little haven in the West Valley, Litchfield Park has a unique history that is tied to Goodyear and the West Valley. That history is still remembered to this day. And while this is a rather colorful history, one thing is clear. It is West Valley Pawn's commitment to the people of Litchfield Park; We'll keep making our deals great and our pawn loans worth coming back to.

Litchfield Park's History

Around 1916 the founder of the city, Mr. Paul Weeks Litchfield, was seeking land to harvest long-standing cotton. During the time of Litchfield's life, he worked with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Back then, his goal for the company was to acquire land from Phoenix officials to grow his cotton at the behest of the US Dept. of Agriculture. That did not pan out as hoped, but it did open up an opportunity. Mr. Litchfield then founded and presided the Southwest Cotton Company inside of Phoenix. Through this company he was able to acquire the land needed, but over time, along with some poor choices, the land eventually was sold to other holders that transformed it into a residential area in 1926. It was at that time the US Postal Service coined the name "Litchfield Park." as an incorporated town, which is around to this day.

What's West Valley Pawn's Involvement?

While we haven't shaped how the city is today, we have helped those from Litchfield Park in getting the money they needed. As a pawn shop, we offer pawn loans for most items that have significant loan-to-value. These loans can be used to get customers out of financial challenges. We also have great used items for sale at a fraction of the cost, and a wide variety of them to choose from, even by pawn shop standards. Finally, we offer title loans thanks to our partners Phoenix Title Loans, LLC.

How To Reach Us From Litchfield Park

From Litchfield Park, drive down N Litchfield Road and turn east on Thomas Road. Then turn right onto Dysart Road heading South towards the Interstate. You'll go past that. Stay on Dysart Road until you see us on the left. You'll see Agua Fria High School on the right, across from us. We also provide a directory based on your zip code. Our business has been successful, thanks to our customers. And we'll continue to work for all West Valley citizens and citizens of the Valley of the Sun.