Finding the gift card buyer that’ll treat you right is one of the most difficult experiences in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear.  Fortunately, you have the best Phoenix pawn shop here to help – West Valley Pawn and Gold.  Paying the maximum amount of cash for all gift cards that come through our doors is the name of the game.  No matter the retailer, no matter the price, we’re the gift card buyer you should trust!

What also separates us from the competition is that we buy Amazon gift cards!  If you'd like to sell Amazon gift cards, then we're the place to visit!

Getting Cash for Gift Cards Is Quick and Simple

We’ve tried our best over the years to make the gift card buying process as quick and painless as possible.  From start to finish, you can have cold, hard cash in your hand in as little as five minutes!  There’s a few things that are important to know about the gift card game, however.

First and foremost, all gift cards we buy must not have the foil on the back scratched off.  This foil conceals a PIN that is used for online shopping.  If it’s removed before it gets to our pawn shop, then the gift card can be drained before we’re able to sell it.  We also use it for verification purposes so it’s important that our employees have access to it first thing.

Secondly, we encourage all of our customers looking to sell their gift cards to reach out to us first.  This can be done via a phone call, or by simply using our live chat at the bottom of the screen.  Retailers policies on returns/refunds change often, which impacts the gift cards we’re able to buy.  We update this list weekly to ensure we can get the most amount of people maximum value, but you can save time by checking first!

Despite all of this, our fine folks at West Valley Pawn and Gold can guarantee that in 95% of cases, we can be your gift card buyer.  Spend your money where you want, and exchange that gift card for cash in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear today!

The Premiere Gift Card Buyer in Phoenix

Check out West Valley Pawn and Gold and you’ll see why we’ve been the top choice for all pawning, buying, and selling needs to those in Phoenix, Avondale, and Goodyear.  When it comes to getting cash for your gift cards, there’s no better place to turn than our Avondale pawn shop.

Open seven days a week, we’re also more than happy to get you a hassle-free quote.  We always have one of our experienced pawnbrokers manning our live chat at the bottom right of the screen.  Get a free quote from the comfort of your own home for selling your gift

Get the Gift of Money! West Valley Pawn and Gold is ready!