Life has a never ending stream of curve balls that it can throw our way when we least expect it. Leaving in a city like Avondale, Goodyear, or West Phoenix, this always seems to be something related to our cars. No matter the day of the week — they’re always giving us trouble. Sometimes, this ends up in catastrophe when your car goes from being just the average one with four wheels to a “salvage or restored” title vehicle. It can seem like the car is suddenly worthless, but at West Valley Pawn, that is far from the truth! We are happy to loan cash on vehicles with restored or salvage titles any day of the week no matter the extenuating circumstances.

Cash Loans on Your Salvage Vehicle

At West Valley Pawn and Gold, we don’t discriminate on vehicles based solely on their title. After all, every automobile has some kind of value no matter if it’s past its prime or not. This value is all that we care about, and no matter what the title to your vehicle might say, we’ll happily loan cash on this vehicle.

Our auto title loans are simple processes that turn the value of your vehicle into cold, hard cash in mere minutes. Based on the value of the salvage car, we can give our customers an auto title loan on it. There’s only a few conditions that we have for all the vehicles that come through our Phoenix pawn shop doors. These are basic and expected of all our title loan vehicles such as in good running condition, no “check engine” light, and other basic necessities that we all would want out of our daily drivers.

If you’ve got a vehicle that now has the Scarlet Letter of cars attached to its name, come pay a visit to West Valley Pawn and Gold. No matter if you’re in Phoenix, Avondale, or Goodyear, we can still put cash in your pocket with an Salvage Title Loan any day of the week.

Repayment Made Quick, Simple, and Easy

At West Valley Pawn and Gold, we want our auto title loans to be financial instruments that help citizens out of whatever predicament they find themselves in. At many other title loan lenders, it’s not uncommon to find yourself over a year into repaying a title loan only to find out you’ve repaid little to none of your actual principal balance.

We ensure that every single one of our Salvage Title Loans are amortized so that when you make your monthly payments, you can rest assured that you’re working that title loan balance down and will one day have a last and final payment. We’re Avondale’s best pawn shop for a reason.

If you have a salvage title car and are looking to get cash, then come pay our pawn shop a visit today. We’re open seven days a week and always happy to offer title loans on all vehicles no matter the circumstances.