Pawn Safes at West Valley Pawn! A safe bet indeed!

Pawn Safes as a safety net for your financial needs!

We now pawn safes at West Valley Pawn and Gold. Your Safe will be safe along with OUR safe soundly with us! Forgive the poor pun, but it’s a continued example: as long as an item has value, it’s welcomed here at West Valley Pawn and Gold.

Pawn Safes to safely get some money today!

You pawn SAFES now?

We take any item of value. Safes happen to be one of them. Just show us your precious lock-box and we’ll provide a pawn loan for it. Our professional staff will take the time necessary to give you the item’s worth in cash. Now your safe can be used as your safety net in financial hardship. If we can store it here, it’s as good as money in your pocket. Also, your safe is safe with us! We offer 24-hour surveillance for all pawned items. Therefore it’s safe to say you can pawn safes with us in confidence!

Any particular safes that’s ‘safe’ to bring in?

Like we said earlier, if we can store it, we will give you a pawn loan for it. As for the types, we can accept all types, but we are fond of the Rosengren brand of light safes. Sorry, we don’t have space for the Grade VI safes or any of their larger vaults…yet. But don’t think your safe is unsafe to pawn. Give us a call or send us pictures of your safe showing all possible sides prior to bringing it in (Safer on your back too).

west valley pawn pawn shop; cash from when you pawn tools and/or pawn safes with us.

Bottom line: if you need money now, and can think of nothing to bring, your safe can secure the money you need. Come to the store that has served as a safety net for the cities of Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye and Surprise: West Valley Pawn and Gold!