Pawn General Hobbies for a quick rush of cash!

The Hobbyist’s Best Choice to Pawn General Hobbies is at West Valley Pawn

Got a model train set collecting dust? A die-cast RC car stuck in the back of the closet? Well, if you are in need of money, you may very well have a solution! Stop by our store today to pawn general hobbies such as these earlier examples for a pawn loan. West Valley Pawn makes it easy for you!

pawn general hobbies like this at West Valley Pawn

What types are considered when you pawn general hobbies?

When you consider to pawn general hobbies that you possess, we like to keep in mind these particular items (though this listing may expand over time):

  • Model Train Sets (Set must be complete with all pieces intact. Anything missing will result in a lower value or not be accepted at all. If you want to get paid, make sure it’s all there.)
  • Model RC Cars (All parts there as well. Die Cast units, depending on condition, may provide more value)
  • Model Rockets (All parts present. No crash damage noted and filament/cartridges unused. Model Engine full and unused as well)
  • Model Slot Cars (See Model Train Sets)

At this point in time, we are focusing on these items. In the near future we may expand on this option for our customers.

Get paid to pawn general hobbies in your life.

How does the process to pawn general hobbies work?

When you have an item worth bringing down, bring it down! We’re going to provide an offer for a pawn loan based on that item’s worth. During this time we also will need a few things to speed up the process. First, we will need the original packaging when you are planning to loan the item. We may also request the original receipt as well. This helps us out on the authentication process. After we finish our end, we give you the money right there. After which you have 90 days and a few more options under your belt when we give you the money. The best thing about our loans is simply the fact that it’s still yours DURING the loan process. To find out more information, simply click on the link here.

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Why pawn general hobbies at West Valley Pawn and Gold?

West Valley Pawn and Gold has always been a valued pawn shop in the Avondale community for over 20 years. Serving the Western Valley of Phoenix proudly, and giving customers an opportunity to make ends meet when they need it most. So if you ever need money, don’t hesistate! We’re here to get you going again. Contact us today for a free appraisal.