How to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry for Cash

May 9, 2018 - 3 minutes read

How to sell jewelry in Avondale, AZ

When you need a little extra cash, starting with your jewelry isn’t such a bad idea. Selling your jewelry in Phoenix, especially if you’re an inexperienced seller, can be a major headache. So, before hocking your shiny goods, here are four tips to consider.

Manage Your Expectations

To avoid disappointment with a sale, consider being realistic before you rush to the market or get too excited about raking in cash. Just because an heirloom gold necklace belonged to your grandma and she told you it was valuable, doesn’t make it so to everyone else you’re trying to sell to. Also, don’t expect the piece to go at the same price as when it was new.

Know What You’ve Got

Get an accurate picture of the quality and authenticity of your jewelry. There are many jewelers and jewelry pawn shops who buy old jewelry, and whether you will be able to sell your shiny piece and at what price depends on the stones and metals it contains, as well as its condition. You can have a general idea of what your piece might be worth by looking for similar items in successful auctions, or by visiting two or three jewelry buyers in Phoenix to get a range of opinions. In the end, you will know the state and specifications of your item.

Prepare It for Sale

Regardless of where you choose to sell it, restoring the item can make all the difference in hocking the right price. Cleaning your piece of jewelry or heirloom with a little warm water and some dish soap can help bring back that luster and shine. If it needs more cleaning power, let the professionals do it. Using the wrong cleaners or materials can damage and even destroy jewelry. Different cleaning tips will work best for different types of metals or stones. Do your research but if you’re not sure, let the professionals handle it.

Sell Your Item to a Jewelry Pawn Shop in Phoenix

A piece of jewelry can get you emotionally connected, and this could make it harder to part with. Nonetheless, it’s important to leave the emotions out of selling. There are many places to sell jewelry in Phoenix, and while you’re trying to get your piece appraised, it’s worth considering the offers they might make you. If the offer is at a reasonable percentage of the melt value, you can accept it. The best part about selling to a pawn shop is speed, which is the perfect situation if you need quick cash.

If you wish to sell your jewelry for cash in Phoenix, we welcome you to come visit us at West Valley Pawn and Gold.