A little town in the West Valley nestled between Sun City and Sun City West, El Mirage is an interesting place. Along with most of the West Valley, El Mirage is a commuter town but it has its own unique history.

A Commuter Town for Phoenix AND Luke AFB

El Mirage is said to be the commuter town for those that take the US-60 to work. It is also a town for civilians of US Soldiers stationed at Luke Air Force Base (AFB). Thanks to that, living costs have been significantly lower than most eastern Valley cities compared to El Mirage. That said, it also provides less places to offer local businesses to take up shop. So it was a balancing act: affordable housing but required travel for basic amenities.

How West Valley Pawn Can Help

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How To Reach WVP From El Mirage

First, let us provide a map from El Mirage to our store:

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